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Premium content requires protection. But how can you achieve this without compromising QoE/QoS, or creating unwanted barriers? How can you ensure that your chosen solutions work seamlessly on every platform, player, device, browser, server, and operating system? How can you integrate your content protection into your analytics and monetisation? This is the Solution Series that addresses these important questions, and ensures that you’re using the right tools and the right companies to protect and monetise your content in the way that it deserves.

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Before you ask what kind of solutions you need to make your OTT strategy better, ask yourself what the problems are. And if you don’t know what the problems are, then you most certainly do have problems. Work it backwards—you need good analytics, stable delivery, unhackable security, a reliable monetization strategy, rock-solid compression, a strong library, and a killer user interface and experience.

Think you don’t have room for improvement?

Then guess what? You need this more than ever—

The Advanced OTT Strategies and Technologies Solution Series.

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Just when you thought it was safe to commit to HEVC, here comes AV1. While encoding and transcoding are at the heart of any streaming project, it’s always in flux. There are tremendous advancements annually that play a significant role in your cost and performance plans; there are quality, security, and feature issues that constantly need attention. Where can you find companies to help you with Encoding & Transcoding? Right here in this Solution Series.


From production to content management to delivery, video in the workplace is getting complex. Business video isn’t topical—it’s mission-critical. It has a significant and measurable business ROI. There are several problems that businesses face with their video strategies, and this Solution Series takes a hard look at ways to deal with them.

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Gear for video streaming is exploding, and with so many choices, which one is right for you? This 2019 special, Solution Series: The Producer’s Gear Guide, will save you time in navigating the myriad options available and help you understand just what the right gear can do for you. Welcome to Streaming Media ’s first face-melting, drool-worthy guide to production gear!

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There’s live streaming and there’s professional live streaming. Too many organizations are delivering subpar live video to their viewers. And too many live streams fail the latency test, whether for interactive video functionality or to compete with broadcast. Is that you? Because if it is, you need to read this Solution Series installment. You’ll find solid solutions for handling live streams at scale, whether you deliver them on your own internal network or send them out into the wild via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any of the other leading live streaming platforms. The right tools and the right services—you’ll find them here. Let’s make sure you get the job done right before you start shooting with that lousy iPhone 6 again.

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Sometimes, doing is the best way to learn. This Solution Series installment brings together many examples of successful deployments by leading industry companies that have helped a wide range of companies, from carriers to content creators. Learn how the right tools and the right companies help with online video infrastructure and strategy.

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Amongst streaming consumers, sports fans are right at the top of the heap when it comes to being discerning and demanding the very best. They want the lowest latency, highest quality, maximum screens, best recommendations, live and on-demand, ability to interact and integrate with social networks, user-defined content—the list goes on.

This is the Solution Series supplement that addresses these important topics, and ensures that our readers are able to choose the right tools and the right companies to service this incredibly important market.